Chromakey, the mysterious process of filmmaking

No one likes to take away the amazing things that come their way in life and know the secret of these things in advance, but the fact is that the famous actors that we see every day on TV are not really jumping from skyscrapers, they are Waterfalls do not pass and do not come into contact with real dinosaurs. Although these scenes are very attractive and amazing to us, they are not real. Instead of using real scenes in their movies, filmmakers use chromakey to capture their videos, commercials, and even weather reports so they can change the background of the movie or video as they like.

choromakey: principles and foundation
You may have heard that actors stand in front of a green or blue screen and the director starts filming. The green screen behind people is eventually filled with an image of skyscrapers, natural disasters, space, war, etc., and this creates a dreamy and seemingly real image.

You must have wondered what makes this color screen turn into an attractive natural background or action scene that we see in movies? How can video content be turned into an attractive and natural scene without someone flying or traveling to a distant island? The answer to your questions is chrome.

During the chromakey process, the chroma (green or blue screen) is removed from the scene and replaced with the director’s desired background. Only the blue or green colors will be removed from the screen and that’s why the actor or the speaker or the person sitting in front of the camera will remain intact and the situation in front of the camera will not change. After the green or blue screen is digitally cut from the film, anything needed can be added to the film.

Now this option can be an object or a completely new background. That’s why instead of working with guns or dangerous dinosaurs, your favorite actors will hold a strange green object in their hands to replace with the desired image later. For example, if you see behind the scenes of action movies like Game of Thrones, you will realize that many things that we think are real and threatening are not real at all and have been created with the help of this technique.

This is only one part of the magic puzzle of filmmaking.

Why do they use green or blue screen?
You might be wondering why they use green or blue in the chromakey process. If you know the answer to this question, you will be surprised. It all comes down to how weather forecasters cover it. These people usually wear blue suits for their reports. The green background can create enough contrast with this type of clothing and allow the director to replace the backs of these people with different weather maps. Green is not a natural skin tone. This means that the hands, faces and other body parts of the actors and speakers do not fade on this page. It is better to know that green and blue colors create a very high contrast with our skin tone. What do you think will happen if an actor or announcer wears green or blue? Or what if the added object and background are both blue or green? In such a situation, another color should be used for the background page.

What makes the Chromakey process successful?
One of the main things that make this process successful is the way of lighting and exposure. The background screen should be properly exposed so that there is no difference in colors and shadows are minimized.

Usually such impressions work with two different sets of light. This prevents excessive shadows and ensures that there is a proper distance between the subject and the background. Depending on what is being filmed, opaque sprays may even be used to prevent light reflections from changing the color of the shot.

Chromakey, the mysterious process of filmmaking
Well, maybe you’re not a filmmaker and you’re not going to make the next action movie, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the principles of the Chromakey process. The information we have provided in this article will help you create your marketing videos at no extra cost or create attractive video content for your website and social networks. You can use Chromaki to show your friends or acquaintances your attractive vacation, meet a famous celebrity or show yourself in a big mansion.