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Pirouz Cinematographic Industries started its professional activities in the field of designing and producing the cinematographic and video equipment in 1990, presented its first product under the title of Traveling, and made it accessible by the cinema professionals. This production process continued up now and today you can observe the first product of Pirouz in almost every filming scene countrywide. Pirouz industries following its production procedure has proceeded with its activities such as designing projectors, aluminum tripods, carbon fiber tripods, spreaders, Dolly tripods, softlight projectors, and voice recording systems tripods and put all these in the access of professional cinema.

Minicranes which are installable over the tripod and Traveling are other product of Pirouz Industry that are introduced in two cinematographic and video models to the cinema and TV.

Designing and manufacturing of the hydraulic head (7×7) that is one of the admirable products of this company has been completed during five years and this company could leave a climax point in the cinematographic era of the country by producing and presenting this product in 2004. One of the other products of this company Studio Pedestal that the research, designing, and production steps are finished for this product during 4 years and the first sample was produced at the end of 2006.

Pirouz Cinema Industry has always tried to produce the high quality and reliable products by making use of the professional experts, CNC machineries, and by devoting a high consideration and precision (in micron scales) in producing its products.

Precision and reliability are two main advantages of the products of Pirouz Industry. After the production stage, each part and the completely assembled sets are checked and tested under very intense conditions. The raw materials and consumption parts are studied and checked with high standard criteria to make sure of their quality and stability.

Your satisfaction in our number one priority. The continuous improvement of business processes’ products and after sales services is the way which makes us sure to be and remain your success partner.

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