Filming with green screen

These days we all know very well that fantasy backgrounds used in movies can give it a very attractive look. With the help of green screen, filmmakers try to make movies with incredible scenes and increase its appeal. The technique behind the use of green screen dates back to the early 1900s. Bluescreen was much more popular at the beginning because it worked better with the films of that time. These days, green screen is more popular and its fame and popularity is increasing with the promotion of digital filmmaking. You can also use the benefits of this method to your advantage.

What is green screen and how does it work?

Green screen is a visual effect in which two images or video streams are placed next to each other. Think about the background of the clips and movies you have seen so far. Most of these use green screen techniques. The green screen allows you to place any image you like behind your subject. This technique is widely used in filmmaking, but it is also used in news and weather reports and allows the director to put whatever he likes behind his subject.

This technique is usually used when fantasy and abstract items are needed for the background. After filming is done, it’s time to mix and edit.

In this situation, a new background is added to the movie.
With the help of chroma technique, the selected color is removed and removed digitally. Now a transparent background remains. This helps the filmmaker to use another image.
When this technique is combined with complex 3D techniques, it can create complex filmmaking scenes. For example, you can add fire, rain or smoke on the film.