How does choromakey work

Have you ever been watching an exciting movie and been amazed by the strange things the actors do that seem impossible? Have you ever asked yourself how Spider-Man can climb up and down tall buildings and jump from one building or tower to another? How about Frodo Baggins climbing Mount Doom in Lord of the Rings? Well obviously actors don’t do these things in real life. All these scenes are made with the help of one of the filmmaking techniques called chromakey.

Well, now you must be asking yourself what is chromaki? Chromakey, which is also known as blue screen in the world of filmmaking, is one of the things that helps to prepare the attractive scenes that we mentioned above. You may have seen these in action movies where the actor stands in front of a big blue screen and moves. In the next step, the filmmakers change the background behind the actor and instead use different scenes such as jumping from one building to another or climbing a large volcanic mountain.

Chromakey is one of the features that can be seen in most of today’s cameras. This means that you, as a normal person, can capture amazing scenes and create action scenes that seem impossible in your bedroom. To be able to use Chromaki, you need a series of skills. Correctly removing the color you want to use and preventing color bleeding can be a difficult and time-consuming process.

Also, filming with video cameras means that you have to manage everything at the same time, which makes the process more difficult. However, using the Chromakey technique can be a great way to add excitement to your videos. It must have happened to you that you wanted to take a video of your child, but you gave up because it was boring, or you regretted it after taking the video because there is no excitement in it. Well, it doesn’t matter at all. The next time you want to take an interesting video of your child, you can place him on a beautiful island and fill his surroundings with action scenes while he is happily building a sandcastle.