Hydraulic Head


توضیحات تکمیلی

Description :

Head of Video 20P-1 Pirouz:

Seven Speed Hydraulic Head of Video 20P-1 with frictionless damping system independent from temperature creates the power for professional cameramen to provide spectacular and fascinating movies from events and perspectives. It also helps you to follow events and actions seamlessly and without vibration when you turn the waverer between -90° and +90° even when the hydraulic head of your camera tolerates heavy weights.

This hydraulic head involves a vibration isolation system with 7 adjustable speed ranges that is very powerful, a quick release system that that gives you the ability to attach and release your camera with one hand and you can continue with your performance assuredly and without any problem. To adjust it, we use the step dynamic counterbalance system. The balance plat’s sliding rang lets you precisely compensate for a variety of configuration weight. Even when there is no favorable light for observing the balance bubbles. Vertical and horizontal vibrationless brakes are easily used even with one finger and offer maximum safety in fast-paced reporting situations. This head along with a DA100L tripod generate a complex that has a special bag for carrying and maintenance.