Softlight P-1 Projector


توضیحات تکمیلی


5 k
(Complete with reflector shell and 4.2 m cable and barndoors)

Max. wattage

2000 W


2 horizontal


(2 x 500, 650, 700 & 800 watt)

Lamp socket



pirouz projector tripod & 1.59 stud tripods

Description :

Pirouz Softlight P-1 Projector:

Pirouz Softlight P-1 Projector is a professional projector suitable for video and cinematographic operations, with a maximum of 1500 watts available from its individually switched twin lamps sockets. The Softlight P-1 Projector is a versatile location soft source.

This light is generated by Aluminized, Fire-resistant and Nomex Replacement reflector shell with a considerable high quality that is more suitable for filming from faces. Softlight can be used as a Key, Fill, Side, Top and/or background light.

This projector has 4 barndoors that all made from special material, are resistant against strokes and bending that are installed in four sides of the Softlight P-1. On top of up and down barndoors two gelclips are attached for each one of them that are used for installing colorful gels. Pirouz Softlight P-1 Projector has the tilting capability of 360°.

Light of this projector can be chosen between various types recommended by Pirouz Movie Tech Company. These two lamps should have equal specifications.

Pirouz Softlight P-1 can easily be installed over the Pirouz Projector Tripod and other standard tripods. In addition, a special bag is designed for maintaining and carrying this projector.



Watts °K Amps
240 800 3200 6.7
120 500 3200 8.3
120 650 3200 10.8
120 750 3200 12.5
120 1000 3200 16.7