Traveling System


توضیحات تکمیلی

Weight (dolly Basis)

20 kg

Weight (Pneumatic wheels with axles)

17 kg

Track wheels axles

5 kg

Length (no outriggers)

110 cm

Total height

43 cm

Platform height, on tracks

18 cm

Platform height, Dismounted

16 cm

Turning circle

235 cm

Description :

Pirouz Traveling System (PTS):

Pirouz Traveling System with its wide range accessories and adapters is an indispensable system for professional moviemakers.

Pirouz Traveling System Provides a workman’s platform for all cinematographic needs.

Pirouz Traveling System operates with track wheels as well as pneumatic in of any surface and also removable extra-long steering bar and guarantees maximum maneuverability for camera, operators and assistants. Steering bar has a simple five different positions on the running board platform. The minimum turning circle of this bar is 235 cm that is smaller than all similar systems. Because of its unique features, the Traveling System can be used in diverse environments and operative situations.

PTS’s Lightweight and compactness allows usage with ease and flexibility anywhere within the smallest of sets. In addition, seat extensions put operator and assistant at the helm allowing maximum manageability and control.