Video 22P minicrane


توضیحات تکمیلی

Weight Weight

19 kg


22 kg

Max. height

0-240 cm

Length (with camera console)

244 cm

Pan range


Carrying case length

232 cm


(pirouz traveling)

Description :

Pirouz Video 22P Minicrane:

This minicrane is the most ideal one for every tripods and standard dollies having a pan bar with the diagonal of 80mm that is installed easily over the 150 and 100 tripods by an adapter. This minicrane is designed in such a way that is easily attached and released without the need for a special tool and it has the capability of being prepared in no time for filming. We can precisely change the position of camera by using handholds over the counterweight bucket. This minicrane has a special uniformity during up-down and left-right movements and gives this possibility to the professional cameramen to have spectacular shots from perspectives and events without any shake.


The arms of this minicrane are manufactured from aluminum profiles that cause the minicrane to have a light weight. Therefore, it is designed for video cameras and it can tolerate a camera weight up to 22 kg in camera console section. The separate parallel arms in minicrane controls the movements of pan and tilt and avoids from any lapse’ Video 22P has a counterbalance for setting a precise balance. The “L” bracket that is designed in front of arms gives you the possibility to install different adapters over it and along with the counterweight at the final part of arms originate a double impetus for to have the capability of reaching max and min height.